Unable to push the Template on the vEdges

@KB-KBITS @Matt , please help

Sorry guys, my issues didn’t want to stop.
I’m at the last section of Push Feature Template Configuration for vEdges.
I couldn’t get the vEdge to be pushed by the template that I created.
The Devices are OFFLINE for some reason.

for example from the screenshot below, on vEdge2, I made a mistake on the system IP, you can change it later and update but it seems that its didn’t take the change and the devices are still offline.
I restarted the devices and even I rebooted the lab. still not connected.

What I missing? is there a bug on the viptela version ( 20.3.1)

Please help.

Check the status of the vEdges - ‘show control local-properties’ - report back with the output, please.

Sorry for the late response. I had to redo everything.

I restarted the entire lab, still same issue.

I configure only 1 vEdge but still down unreachable

You can also see the dashboard

Please help

It says from "show control local-properties " Token is invalid. but I get token from PnP.

I used another vEdge chassis number and the correspondent token to it. but still down and unreachable.

Look at this also

@KB-KBITS , @Matt ,
I noticed when I upload the vEdges, the one just uploaded will be UP and stays UP for almost 7 seconds then it goes down and unreachable.

I can ping vManage IP address and the most important I can ping vBond

What should be the reason?
Please help.