Resume Writing Assistance

Does any have recommendations for updating a resume that can be integrated with Khawar’s EI curriculum?

I tend to use LinkedIn as my resume, and keep my actual resume to 1 page, and with really high level points. In terms of content you add though, this really depends on where you are in your career, and what actual real world experience you have. If it’s an entry level job, courses will certainly go a long way, if it’s a more mid to senior level role, then you’d really need to be able to back those courses ups with real world experience.

Saying all that though, things like SDA and SD-WAN are still new to the market place, and so employers are not expecting people to come to the table with years of real world experience, and are generally a bit more flexible.

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In terms of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure class, once you have confidence in implementing the technologies and labbed them up, I would definitely add SDA & SD-WAN to your resume. These are technologies that are hot in the market right now due to the newness of the technologies and employers are looking for specialists in the SDx area.

As Matt said, it will also depend on where you are at in your career. You don’t want to clutter your resume.


Hi All,

I also need to de-clutter my resume but don’t know how.

Companies here are not looking for one man they are looking for a whole team in a person who should know all 7 or 8 CCIE to work and if you look the seniority level of job it says “Entry”, what a joke going on :).

If KB team can come up with resume service that would be super awesome. I will definitely contribute towards that.


Hi Mahir,

Resume service is something that we have considered but it will take us some time to get to.
However, we do have plans on making our community members into cross track experts with the new content @KB-KBITS has been working on for his Bootcamps. We hope to unveil the first such Bootcamp later this month or in early March. If you can master this Bootcamp then you will become this mythical one person team and will definitely not be entry level :laughing:


Thanks for the feedback Matt.

This is good news and looking forward to using the service. Will there be samples of both low and high level resumes with format variations?


I think you may have misunderstood my post above. Resume writing is something that we will not be launching for a while (not in our 2021 roadmap). We have not explored this idea in detail so there is not much that I can share with you today. Apologies for not being more explicit in my first post.


Ok, I understand and thank you.