Tips for ccie exams - weekly tips for the students

Hi, first thanks for the amazing classes. I’ m doing my best to get my number this year. One suggest for you: do a fast tip video or ( audio ) for those are studding for CCIE . And one little challenge per week will be great for us ( like ) with this small topology do this using this technologies. Of course always focus the lab exam.

I’m my case I will do the lab in Jun ( 29 ) Brussels. studying2 hours per day ( until march ) them I will increase to 3 or 4 hours. Hope will be enough to the test.

Pablo Costa

Great idea but it would most likely not be manageable on a weekly basis I would imagine.

There are other resources available if you need additional motivation such as joining RouterGods and Cisco Study Group via Discord.

What might be a good additional and somewhat address your post is perhaps having more multi-technology labs that mimic the exam more where you have to design, implement/troubleshoot the solution (think of what IPExpert and INE used to do) but that is just my opinion.

My friend, it take much more than that to be ready. The information and labs here on Kbits are a great start. Only a start, you need to be doing labs at 5 hours at time with large topologies to become ready for the exam. I failed my first attempt at the CCIE Security and I am preparing for my second attempt currently.

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