Kbits lab rental

I just completed watching the SDA videos and hoping to complete the SD-WAN by the end of this weekend. I would then like to rent the rack to do the SDA & SD-WAN workbook labs.

Can you please tell me, if all the labs in the WB can be done on the KBITS Racks? Also, how much time should I reasonably be taking to complete the same?

And, finally, I would like to know if you’re offering any discounts on he rack rental.



Hi Kishan,

Yes you can do both the SDA and SD-WAN labs from the workbooks. The SDA rack costs $250 for 20 hours and the SD-WAN rack is $100 for 20 hours. We are currently in the process of updated the SD-WAN rack (aka KCloud). How much time you will need for depend on your familiarity with the setups but typically SDA requires 20 hours and SD-WAN 30-40 hours of practice time.

Unfortunately, we do not have discounts for the rack rentals. However, a workaround to paying $400 in labs is to subscribe for the CCIE EI class for $750, which includes 20 hours of SDA and 30 hours of practice time (along with the all the live lectures and additional resources).

Hope this helps.


Hello & Greetings.

I know it has been a while since your reply to my query and belatedly appreciate it.

I would like to know if you have any promotions for the CCIE EI class incl. those lab hours, please. Also, even if you do not have currently anysuch promotion, I would request you to please notify me of any upcoming promotions (say, for Thanksgiving / Christmas.)