SD-WAN Sessions suggestion

Dear Khawar,

Thank you for your amazing CCIE EI course, almost finished all.

I have one suggestion for your future SD-WAN session as you know.

There is no more vEdge router in exam blueprint and all your SD-WAN recorded videos are mostly vEdge.
we can say from 5 Routers only 1 is CSRV1000 others were vEdges.

could you please make it all CSRv1000 in the future sd-wan sessions.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Hi AliDoski,

The new videos are going to be based on CSR 1K and Cat 8K WAN Edges. I have already conducted the SDN Plus class based on them. If you are a KB-Plus member, you should have access to it.


Looking forward to it.
Thanks for all your efforts.

Could you please drop the link to that class, could not find it in combo box!
I am already KB Plus Subscriber.


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Thank you very much.