CCIE - Enterprise Infrastucture Lab Exam Review

Hello Guys - I’m planning to take CCIE - EI exam and I need to know if anyone has taken this exam recently. If yes, then please share how was the experience?
Did you passed or Fail?
What was the tough part that you think we might to work on?
The most worrying part for me is the automation. How did it go for you?
Did you had to write an actual script during the exam or what?

I was also curious if the wording of the questions has been improved? I found a lot of the wording on the old CCIE exam to be quite ambiguous - perhaps that is part of the intention, however, it’s not an English test - at least it’s not supposed to be. I know people who have struggled immensely to understand ‘the ask’. My feeling is, the exam questions are written by academics who always do an amazing job of asking a relatively simple question in the most round about way. :smiley:

Hey Matt - I understand that. But, do we have any news on Automation part? I’m still not able to understand about the entire section 5 as per the blueprint. Its not only talking about Python, but also many different stuffs such as JSON, API, Linux Shells. How are we supposed to conquer that part?

From my understanding, the automation section is fairly rudamentry - I.E, you aren’t going to be asked to create complex scripts - it’s not an automation exam after all - my guess would be there are perhaps some half completed scrips, and you may need to change some variables, or perhaps they’ll be an API requirement - I highly doubt it will be anything complex anyway :slight_smile:

Understood - But, up to what level? Do we have any sample questions for that? Or is there any source which we can take it as a reference just to get an idea how the questions would be like? In other words, I’m trying to find out what is the best way we can conquer those 15-20 % of the entire grades for the exam?

If it’s on the official BP, then assume you need to know it to CCIE level :smiley: re test questions, I am really not sure. It’s a shame Cisco no longer offer their CCIE lab workbooks - they were the closest thing to the exam for sure - quite costly, but very good.

  • 5.1 Data encoding formats

    • 5.1.a JSON
    • 5.1.b XML

5.2 Automation and scripting

  • 5.2.a EEM applets
  • 5.2.b Guest shell
  • 5.2.b i Linux environment
  • 5.2.b ii CLI Python module
  • 5.2.b iii EEM Python module

5.3 Programmability

  • 5.3.a Interaction with vManage API
  • 5.3.a i Python requests library and Postman
  • 5.3.a ii Monitoring endpoints
  • 5.3.a iii Configuration endpoints
  • 5.3.b Interaction with Cisco DNA Center API
  • 5.3.b i HTTP request (GET, PUT, POST) via Python requests library and Postman
  • 5.3.c Interaction with Cisco IOS XE API
  • 5.3.c i Via NETCONF/YANG using Python ncclient library
  • 5.3.c ii Via RESTCONF/YANG using Python requests library and Postman
  • 5.3.d Deploy and verify model-driven telemetry
  • 5.3.d i Configure on-change subscription using gRPC

I know right! And that’s the scary part for me. The problem is, I’m not sure what would be the format or how in-depth they’re going to Ask from All These different scripting concepts. I’d really like to
Know if someone has taken CCIE - EI in the most recent time and how their experience was with this automation part.

Cisco has a webinar series on the CCIE Exam. A quick Google search should turn up the result. I do remember from webinar they mention that Automation is on the blueprint and the exam. However, due to restrictions in the lab environment that will likely be restricted to the use of DNA. This is not something I’m disclosing that would violate the NDA. This is straight from Cisco Learning.

I understand - Thanks for the information.