KCloud 2.0 - Now Live!

I am very excited to announce something that we have been working on for a long time based on the feedback we have received from our community. After close to 6 months of testing and updating KCloud 2.0 is now finally live!
The update KCloud has better machines with 4x the processing power and almost 10x the harddisk. We have also updated the way KCloud subscriptions work by simplifying the process. Students now have two options:

  1. Purchase 20 hours for $100 that expire in 2 months
  2. Purchase 40 hours to $200 that expire in 4 months
    In addition, we have now pre-coded all licenses required to practice the labs and have created break points for all complex labs so that students can practice them in chunks rather than having to do it all in one-session or start each session from the start.
    Please see the attached video by KB to gain more insights on how this works:

Please post all your KCloud 2.0 related queries on this thread.

The orginal KCloud thread: KCloud - The Details

P.S. Existing KCloud subscribers can transfer over their hours at no additional cost to KCloud 2.0, please contact support@kbits.live if you wish to do so.

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Would like to know, Is 128 Gig of Ram is for Individual user or this will be shared?



Its actually 30 GBs of RAM and 180 GBs of HD space per individual machine i.e. per user. We did a lot of testing and RAM is not the limitation for running topologies on these machines. Even 30 GBs of RAM is bit of an overkill.


Thanks for the response, I am more curious on how you guys get the license on each device. Would love to know that If I can replicate that at my place.


This is a sensitive topic with various NDAs in place so I can’t share too much info. What I can say is that we have use a combination of open source and org level licenses.

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I totally understand that


Thanks for all of the hard work here. Question… Do you have a lab guide built for the KCloud topology? Also, password for ISE in KCloud 2.0? the admin/Kbits@123 in the CCIESecurityv6.pdf does not work.

ise username and password is admin/Test123. Found it by a bit of trial and error :slight_smile:

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anyone tried out the sdwan lab?
I cannot start any of the routers.
The wan edges, and controllers start fine


KB updated the routers for KCloud 2.0 and they require a special script to boot their licenses. Unfortunately, we did not catch this issue pre-release. We are aware of this issue and are working on it. Our developer was unwell last week but he is expected to fix this bug this weekend.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


When can we expect this to be resolved? I’m looking into buying KCloud hours. Thanks,


We pushed the update yesterday. It should all be fixed now.


Hi, thanks for the update. One thing I’d like to ask is, will we able to upload our own topology just in case we want to do that on the EVE-NG instance?

Hello, are there an option to lab SDA?


We do offer SDA labs but they are separate from KCloud as the DNAC switch cannot be virtualised. SDA lab hours can be purchased at the rate of $250 for 20 hours.

I’m trying to access the latest labs and topologies for the new recent CCIE EI live course and I’m not seeing the correct items in my list. It appears to be an older list and doesn’t line up with the recent course/topologies.

Also, If I import any topology file and start the nodes, they immediately shut themselves down. I’m not able to run any of the topologies and must resort to building them from scratch.

I’ve made several attempts to contact Kbits Live support email but they are not responsive.

I would like to either get this working or get a refund on my lab hour purchase.

Who can I speak to or reach out to for help with this? Can someone please verify my account/KCloud account?

Robert Cahill

Hi Robert - I have replied to your email on support. We are short staffed at the moment and KB is travelling. Apologies for the delays.

Hello Silver,

What the link a step to follow to have access of KCloud.
KBit support answers me without give link and steps.


Dear Ulrich please take a look at the video on the KCloud 1.0 thread:

and the video posted above in this thread. This should tell you how to log in and start KCloud.


How do i know if my labs are old KCloud or Kcloud 2.0? I’m not seeing break points so i’m guessing i have old one?