KCloud 3.0 - Now Live

I am very excited to announce something that we have been working on since the new CISCO Blueprints came out. After close to 6 months of testing and updating KCloud 3.0 is now finally live!

KCloud 3.0 has better machines with even more processing power and harddisk as compared to KCloud 2.0. The new pricing for KCloud 3.0 is as follows:

  1. Purchase 20 hours for $120 that expire in 2 months
  2. Purchase 40 hours to $240 that expire in 4 months

Similar to KCloud 2.0, we have pre-coded all licenses required to practice the labs and have created break points for all complex labs so that students can practice them in chunks rather than having to do it all in one-session or start each session from the start.
Please see the attached video by KB to gain more insights on how this works:

Please post all your KCloud 3.0 related queries on this thread.

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Please note that KCloud does not have the ability to practice SDA labs. These along with Megalab, and Security and EI Super Labs are setup to be practiced on our physical rack. The price for the physical rack is $150 for 20 hours and you need to reach out to us (support@kbits.live) in order to purchase the hours and reserve practice slots.

P.S. Since this question gets asked a lot so I am going to add the answer here itself. Legally nobody but Cisco can distribute any of the images [IOS/IOL/IOS-XE,IOS-XR, ESA, WSA, FTD, ISE, SD-WAN Controllers & WAN Edges] . It applies to the licenses as well [ESA, WSA, SD-WAN WAN Edgel License]. You’ll need to procure them yourself from Cisco or Cisco Partners.

P.P.S. Listed below are credentials that are used in various places


Windows Server/AD/DNS (Any Server):

Username: administrator

Password: Test123

Windows PC:

Username: user

Password: Test123


Username: admin

Password: Test123


Username: admin

Password: Admin123

SD WAN Controlelrs:

Username: admin

Password: admin


Username: admin

Password: ironport


Username: cisco

Password: cisco

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