KCloud - The Details

Hello all,

KCloud is officially live and it is very popular!

One thing that we have noticed is that a fair number of folks have questions regarding KCloud. As a result of this, ​Khawar has created the video linked below to address all the questions we have received regarding various aspects of KCloud.

​Thank you for your patience and please feel free to post here any follow-up questions that you may have once the video has been posted.


If we can have an X number of hours as a trail would be great. It will help everyone know what they are having their hands and money on.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will definitely discuss this with KB for our next update.
Meanwhile, we have something even better. Please participate in the thread linked below and earn 10 KCloud hours!

Will there be a flat rate option in the future where you can use unlimited lab time for one fixed price?

Great stuff guys. Are the workbooks available offline to follow through via the labs?

Please let us know where is the option to purchase KB cloud hours?

After logging into the account, its on the top right as in the picture attached.

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This is something we have considered and decided not to implement for now but I will bring it up with KB for a possible reconsideration for the future.

Understood. Thank you.

could anyone guide me how can I get .viptela file to add V edges as I didn’t receive it for the lab practice on kcloud

You need to send a message to support and they will coordinate getting it installed to vManage on your pod/lab. This is a file that cannot be shared since it licensed for Khawar.

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The viptela file is a file downloaded from PnP Cisco Smart account under your organization name. Means when you practice the lab you will be using your vBond IP address and your Organization name created under PnP (Plug and Play) Smart account.
When you create your personal Controller name, you will be asking for a number of vEdges and csr1Kv under your vBond controller profile. From there you can download the viptela provisioning File and upload it on vManage (Your lab) to register the devices.

All this explanation is found on Khawar’s second video Day 15 - SD-WAN - 2

You can also take a look at this brief video for more information.

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Can the K-Cloud labs be used for practicing topics on the SD-Access course? The hardware required to test/ run DNAC/ 9300/3850s etc. is way out of many people’s price range!


Hi Matt,

Welcome to the forums!
KCloud is for practicing virtualised labs only which are EVE-NG based. We do have physical rack for practicing SDA labs with a different procedure (its a bit more manual since you will have to reserve the practice slot and the rack will have to be turned on and off) and pricing. Please reach out to KBITS help on the main site and they will be happy to help you reserve a slot.

Hello KB and team!

I tried to spin up my KCloud instance, and am having trouble trying to log in. When I enter the default credentials (admin/eve) nothing happens. I’m just stuck on the login page, as shown below. I have a strong feeling it has to do with restoring the EVE-NG database, using the FAQ website under:

Q: I cannot login in the EVE WEB UI?

I’ve seen this issue before in my lab, but as I do not have access to the CLI for the EVE-NG GCP instance, I cannot test my theory out and see if either the whole EVE-NG instance is corrupted or the DB is.

Is there anything that can be done about this? I already tried contacting support, and then said to post it in the forum here.

Kind regards,
Michael Hilton

Hi Mike,

Thank you for bringing this to our notice. We will look into this over the weekend on the backend and come back to you on Monday.


Hi @Silver_Surfer ,

Thank you very much for looking into this. Please let me know when the problem is/when it will get resolved. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,
Michael Hilton

Hi Michael,

We had to reset your instance. It happens every now and then that EVE-NG hangs and we have to manually reset it.

It should work now.


Hi Kbit Team @Silver_Surfer ,

Can you please reset my lab as well? I am also having the same issue when trying to login the eve Web-UI. Thanks.


Welcome to the forum. Not an issue, i’ll put in a request. This should be done within 24 hours.