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We are super excited to share with you a new series of Q&A videos called INSIDE KB’S BRAIN.

This is a short video series where KB will answer questions each week. The questions will be a combination of what KB gets asked as part of his classes, his daily interaction with experts in the industry as well as questions posted on this thread.
Any question posted on this thread, if selected by KB to answer in his video will be rewarded with KCloud hours. Yes, you heard that right, if your question gets selected by KB then you get 10 KCloud hours for it!

We are super excited for this new series and interaction format.

P.S. Below is the link to the post that contains the latest episode:



The discussion focuses around the future of Network Engineering jobs, jobs that will survive Covid and the implications of new WFH world we find ourselves in.

Please go ahead and post the questions you want answers to (and no, we won’t ask him if he gets any sleep :slight_smile: )

Don’t forget, if your question gets selected then you get 10 KCloud hours for it!


Hey Guys… This is KB. Would love to hear from you and answer your questions.

Thank you, KB For the interview.

My questions are two parts :slight_smile:

  • I am already CCIE EI and Working on Cisco Security Products [ ISE, WSA, ESA…etc ]. is it required to get IE Security to prove my working experience in these technologies. Nowadays, The Job Market in the Security field requires Security engineers who have experienced multiple products [ F5, Palo Alto, Cisco …etc ].

  • There are many topics booming in the market to let you work in RED Team e.g Malware Analysis, Incident Response.

please advise.

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Thank you, KB For the very useful interview ,
same kind of question in my mind as well …any chance of teaching Palo Alto or F5 :slight_smile:

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Hi KB,

I was wondering if you could expound on how you have approached study throughout the years. (especially when confronted with a totally unfamiliar topic) Do you deep dive all at once and go section at a time in small chunks , or do you find it better to get the full scope or outline of a topic - then later go back again and again to fill in details. Similar to how an artist may draw a detailed picture (begin with overview of composition and come back to add layer after layer of details)??

In other words what style of learning works best for you :slight_smile:

Thanks KB!


I like Thadd’s question, I was wondering this as well

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Hi Abdulfattah,

In my opinion, although it is not required to get a CCIE Security to prove my working experience, it definitely helps. If you walk into an interview with a lot of knowledge without a CCIE, you need to start proving yourself from scratch as a lot of other candidates would have done the same on their resumes.

If you have a CCIE Security, you have established base level credentials. Having said that, this is where you start from. At the end of the day, it is definitely your knowledge that will make the difference. And that is where the Multi-vendor experience, skills and knowledge come into the picture. It is definitely a big plus specially in the Security Domain.

I am also planning on bringing some of the cutting edge topics/products to the KBITS community in 2021. Keep an eye out for out and keep the interaction going on the KBITS Forums…

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Hi Thadd,

Love the question…Checkout the next episode of “INSIDE KB’s BRAIN” ;-).

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Episode 2:

All right folks, here is episode 2. In this episode KB shares his learning techniques as well as some anecdotes on Security and ISE.

Also @Thadd_M congratulations! The 10 KCloud hours should show up on your account soon :slight_smile:

Finally, KBITS Live community please post any questions that you may have here and @KB-KBITS will answer them himself. All his favourite questions will be answered in the next episode and will receive 10 KCloud hours each.


Nice one, thanks for sharing the methodology - how to break the complex concepts into chunks and attack it :slight_smile:

Hi KB,

In your first video, you mentioned API’s, and how useful they are to network engineers. Can you please expand a little bit on that, and specifically, the skill sets that engineers should be looking at to really get the most out of interacting with devices programmatically. Also, what are your views on automation, are you seeing a lot of real world use cases? And, excluding DNA and SD-WAN, do you favour any particular automation solution?


Hi KB , i would like to discuss this in details how can we achieve hosting the SD-WAN Controllers behind a DMZ firewall , the case will be that each branch will have MPLS circuit and DIA or 4G circuit .

I didn’t find a clear Cisco documentation about that except some Cisco live session .

I’'m almost achieving that but would like to break it down with you .

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Hi. I was watching a video and I had a question but i notice I do not see the option to ask questions for that specific video. Maybe can be a future recommendation. Maybe its there but I do not see it.

Thank you.

Hi Jerry,

Welcome to the forum!

Thank you for your suggestion. We debated this a lot during the finalization stage of the UI but decided against implementing it to leave the videos uncluttered. Our expectation is for the community to utilise the forums for all discussions.


I suggest for KB to provide CCIE Lab Voucher for VIP Users OR who gonna renew the subscription. …etc


We have a separate thread for suggestions for the platform.

Please use that thread to make your suggestions. What you can do here is win 10 KCloud hours by asking KB questions :slight_smile:

Hello all,
It’s time for another episode of INSIDE KB’s BRAIN and this is a big one. In this episode, KB talks about the various CCIE tracks and his view on how they will evolve in the future.

Once again, we would love to hear your thoughts and questions. Also do share it with your friends and peers.