Depth of Topic Covered

Hi All,

I like the way Sir KB teach and make the technology easy to understand but the thing I am missing is that If I pick, for example, work book of INE, I am not able to do all the labs. Honestly I have INE subscription to but after learning from KB the same topics from INE feel really boring and dry.

So my question is

1- Do I have to go through extra books and material to cover the depth of the topic?
2- Is there any future plan from KB to go more in depth?

May be I am totally wrong in the above statement, if I am, please correct me.


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I also have INE account but I found KB more helpful.

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Hi @Mahir,

First of all I would like to thank you for your feedback. I do this on purpose to build a solid understanding of the technology without cluttering the mind at the outset. At the same time, I also want to avoid covering features that are seldom used in the industry but can be configured on the devices. I try to minimize on the coverage of these less popular features so that you can learn a technology in a more time effcient manner.

Having said that, I am planning on going in more depth about a topic in my Monthly Bootcamps that will be Lab focused. For these bootcamps, I am working on integrating these technologies with each other to cross the different CCIE tracks giving students a real-life perspective of an End-to-End solution. For example, implementing a SD-WAN architecture with MPLS VPN configurations and placement of firewalls in front of the Controlles and WAN Edges.

I also have the forum specifically for this reason to discuss more details about the tecnology not only with me but also with your peers in the industry.

Finally, we are also planning on introducing “Office hours” to cover doubts where students will have access to me live. This is available for KB Full Access Students.

Hope this helps.



Thank you Sir for answering my doubt as I was feeling that I do not have enough knowledge to fight in professional environment.

I am also thankful to you to understanding my concern and answering it.

Unfortunately in my current financial situation I am not able to subscribe for “Full Access” but I have “KB Plus”, I hope you have good things for poor people like me too.


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@Mahir it also depends on your goals, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE or just general knowledge. The knowledge gap between CCNA and CCIE is deep, and for CCIE, there is really no one source of knowledge to pass the lab.

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