Feedback Request: The Brand New KBITS Live

We’ve just launched a completely revamped KBITS Live.

It’s based on your suggestions (“I want my viewing history”), the key user behaviours we have seen (upcoming live classes are easy to find and tell you when they start), and analytics data from all of you using the beta version of KBITS.

We want your feedback. Tell us what you like, or what you don’t :slight_smile:

Thank you.

The site looks and functions great. However joining the live session’s could you some enhancement. When you click the link can you just have it open in the Zoom client instead of the web browser? If not can you please reenable the the ability to click on the information button on the top left so we can copy the link to open it up in the actual Zoom client? The audio is always choppy when launched in the browser.


Is it possible to include a tracking system when videos in the library are viewed?

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I second Tom Hendershot’s comment

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While the viewing history is great, a way to clear it would also be very good (at least for the homepage).

The other feature that be good to see is a “Download All” option when it comes to the resource files. This way we have to option to download a single file and all file at once.

Lastly, a way to change the view of how the video or their thumbnails are presented. Perhaps having a list view would be good or a details view that lists the date the video was recorded or published (Q2 is a bit vague) without having to actual click on each video and starting it to see that information (easier to keep track of then keeping a list of what was uploaded one day compared to another, especially as the library increases).

Thank you for taking our suggestions/feedback into consideration.

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Thank you all for your comments. We have a meeting scheduled for next week to run through every thing and see what we want to add to our sprints.

Have a great weekend (and check out the AMA in the jobs board)

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I just thought of something else: for uploaded videos it would be very convenient to have an option to jump backwards/forwards by 10 or 15 seconds like in YouTube.

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not too bad at all on the updates of the new site. Some buggy things like being able to go back from a video

It would be nice if I could click on the path to go back.


@superuser Any update on adding a “Download All” option to the resource files?

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Hi Mark,

Unfortunately this is not on the roadmap for the near future.
Our focus for the first quarter is/was:

  1. Add missing resources to On Demand Videos - completed
  2. Identify all faulty Videos - completed
  3. Fix all faulty Videos - partly completed (we are running a bit late on this)
  4. Launch Office Hours for KB Full Access members - completed
  5. Create Megalab for launch in late Q1/early Q2 - completed

Based on the current roadmap your request is something that we will address later in the summer.
I am sorry that this is not the answer you were probably looking for but I hope this additional color helps a bit.

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Actually, that is not a bad answer, LoL. Thank you for providing us with a general time table when this feature could be added.

Have a good day!

+1 for a download all feature. Its a bit tedious to download the resources one by one.

Hi Brad,

Welcome to the forum. What we have decided to do on a go-forward basis is to post all files as a zipped folder along with individual resource files once a course ends.


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That’s fantastic. Thank you, it is much appreciated.