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I’m currently watching KB’s CCIE DC bootcamp videos. However, I cannot do the ACI, UCS exercises because Cisco dcloud isn’t any more available to regular (level 1 and 2) users. Hence, is there a website anybody could recommended for DC physical rack rental or any other alternatives?


Hi Phil,
I would suggest trying Cisco DevNet. The ACI simulator is available as a sandbox there. The always-on sandboxes are read-only. If you get the ACI sandbox that requires a reservation you’ll have full access to the environment. It’s completely free to everyone. There are also several sandboxes with the UCS platform emulator available. The UCS PE VM is available for download if you want to run it at home. It’s a little hard to find, so I just google “ups pe download” whenever I need to find it.

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Hi Phil,

Most of the physical rack rentals that I am aware of are not operational at the moment due to COVID. They will probably be operational in about a couple of months.

In the meanwhile, you can do the Nexus 9K Legacy labs on Eve-NG.

There is a Free UCS Simulator from Cisco. That allows you to practice the UCS Labs.

D-Cloud & Devnet Sandbox are the best options for ACI.


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Understood. Thank you.

Hello KB,


Howcan I get / access the Cisco Free UCS Simulator, please. Thanks,