Whats the best way for a enterprise ccie to start DC

hi folks,
finished ccie enterprise. I need to pick up datacentre (nexus, vxlan, aci) next. whats the best way to pick this up? any workbooks or courses?

I have a nexus running on eve-ng but cant even do vdc on it. do i need to rent racks to do such stuff?


VDCs are N7K specific I think. You can do most of the DC configurations on N9K in GNS3 or Eve-Ng. ACI you can import the Cisco emulator to get a handle on things. Same with UCS. If you want to practice boot from storage and ACI implementations, you will unfortunately have to rent racks. If you have a 64G laptop, you can easily run 4 x N9Ks and cover a lot of configurations.