CCIE EI live course - KCLOUD labs problems

I’m trying to access the latest labs and topologies for the new recent CCIE EI live course and I’m not seeing the correct items in my list. It appears to be an older list and doesn’t line up with the recent course/topologies.

Also, If I import any topology file and start the nodes, they immediately shut themselves down. I’m not able to run any of the topologies and must resort to building them from scratch.

I’ve made several attempts to contact Kbits Live support email but they are not responsive.

I would like to either get this working or get a refund on my lab hour purchase.

Who can I speak to or reach out to for help with this? Can someone please verify my account/KCloud account?

Robert Cahill

Hi Robert - I have now replied to your email on support. I am going to close this topic and will delete it in a week.