User Certificate and Client Certificate

Hi Team,

I know that this might have answered some where, but I am not able to find it. I am in the middle of ISE course and looking to get the certificate for either User or Organization.

The scenario presented in the lab WB is for individual users so that VLAN assignment can also take place, so that requires individual user certificate.
There should be another scenario which only need one organization certificate to just validate the machine.

I am looking to get both of these setup, I have WinServer 2008 with AD and Enterprise Root Cert, but now I am stuck on how to move forward.

Can someone help?



I’ve not been through the course lab workbook, however I’ve deployed ISE in multiple client sites. The PKI behind ISE is the biggest pain. I believe what you’re looking for is the User versus Computer certificate templates. See here Default Certificate Templates for an explanation. You also configure the supplicant for the proper authentication type. I hope this answers your question.