Total Lab Work Book

Hi all,
KBITS was working on a big lab sometime ago, is he done with that and how can we get access to that lab and it workbook.

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KB has now completed the content for the Megalab and is close to finishing the workbook. We are working on organising sufficient lab resources at the moment so that students are not inconvenienced and we have enough practice slots.
Tentatively the lab will take place in mid-April and we will share more information towards the end of this month.
The Megalab will be a 5-day bootcamp.

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So after the 5 day boot camp on the mega lab will the video be available to all subscribers or only the students who attended the boot camp.

The video recordings will be available to the following subscriber types:

  1. KB Full Access
  2. KB Plus
  3. Megalab Bootcamp
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Looking forward to it, thank you!

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