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I’m currently using KB Basic plan and it’s been great so far. I’m interested what are the other topics and what are the additional videos that you get with the KB Learn plan. I was thinking on upgrading but I would like to know what I’m getting for additional 500$.

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Curious on this also, I’m on the KB Learn from early signup.

Looking at the plans I see the difference between KB Learn and KB Basic is extra videos and discounted price on Attending Live Classes.

What is the Attending Live Classes discount? Is the discount the $499 on Web Classes instead of $1499? I thought all subscribers got this or is there a further discount when signing up if you are a KB Learn subscriber?

Thanks, keep up the good work.

Hi Gerard,

KB Learn members get discounted prices, for example a KB Learn subscriber would pay $499 for the upcoming ISE Bootcamp, irrespective of when she/he signs up whereas a KB Basic subscriber does not get any discount. So for a KB Basic subscriber the price for the upcoming ICE Bootcamp is $750 for an early subscription and $1499 otherwise. The discount of course varies from course to course but it is substantial and if you are a regular student then the discounts can cover for the subscription price in as short a time as a quarter.

Hey Gerard,

Maybe you could help me out with the question i asked since you are at the subscription level which i am considering. What are the additional topics or eventually videos covered in KB Learn which are not covered with the basic subscription.


The attached file lists out all the differences at the topic and course level between KB Basic and KB Learn.

In addition, KB Learn subscribers get discounts on live classes whereas KB Basic subscribers do not.

but when I subscribed KB basic in earlier time in June, which was KB Learn (cost of KB Learn 499, pre-launching offer 99) all courses were displaying and you offered us more than 800 + videos will available but now you changed it. you made two category KB basic ($99) and KB Learn ($499). Sir this thing is miscommitment. so please revert your decision or upgrade those who subscribed at the time of pre-launching. Thank you

That’s correct …it is not very nice to take the courses away …nothing was said in June when we signed up. Please open these videos …and if you are going to take them down give us enough notice…thanks

Same comments here, I was earlier having KB learn package and i was able to see SDN content and bottom and whatever is displayed on that table under KB learn, seems i am seeing now i am dropped down automatically to KB basic not sure why? I think content was still good in KB learn than bootcamps as they were short like nuggets, easy to digest!

KB please help on this !!!

I was actually downgraded today to whatever few topics were listed for basic. This is not what Mr.Khawar presented back in June and this is not right. I respect Mr. Khawar Butt and i prefer his way of teaching but as it was sait this is miscommitment and sorry i have to say false advertising.

Actually i just found a promo video on youtube and there was no basic package. We all paid for 99$ for KB learn with 900+ videos and not 500 or even less.

Hi all. None of you have had your subscriptions downgraded. We are resolving the issue of the missing video sections in the library. Please bear with us. Thanks.

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Looks like the backend has dropped us all out of the ‘Launch offer’. Hoping the technical team will fix this ASAP and restore the videos that were dropped.


The issue with the video library has been resolved. Kindly check your accounts. You may need to sign out and log back in.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

Thanks its back to normal now, I can see all those missing videos now! :blush:

Thanks. Yes I can see my original SDWAN vids now.

Hello Folks, this was me trying to answer queries a little too fast by doing direct filters on the backend database which led to access filters being messed up on the frontend for a few hours. There is no foul play involved here. We care deeply about our community and we would never downgrade our users.
I do thank all of you for pointing out the backend issue when it appeared on the frontend :grin:

Dear Emir,

You are 100% correct, you are a KB Learn subscriber with access to all the topics and courses listed above.
If you are interested in furthering your learning quest then I would suggest considering KB Plus package which gives you access to recordings of all of KBs live weekend classes and Bootcamps (including workbooks and lab setups).
Happy to answer any further questions that you may have.

Dear @Silver_Surfer

thanks for all the clarification and resolving the issue. Obviously the subscription level naming convention threw me off the track so I started the initial topic. Since the next subscription level is quite pricey I will have to plan it accordingly. I definitely want to continue my learning quest and here with you guys I’ve found everything that I need. I also have INE subscription but I have to say that I prefer Mr. Khawar’s teaching far better. I think that you guys are doing amazing job and that’s the reason I recommend you to everyone I know who’s dealing with Cisco technologies. Can you just clarify this part of recorded sessions? Which recording sessions are we talking about? Specific tracks, all tracks or something else?

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Hi Emir,

Thank you for the kind words and the ringing endorsement.
With KB Plus you get access to video recordings of all Live classes that KB teaches during the year long period of the subscription. This includes both the Weekend Live classes as well as all the Bootcamps.
Please check out the buy page (linked below) and scroll to the bottom to see the list of all the live classes and Bootcamps that KB has taught so far.

We will be launching Black Friday deals very soon. Please keep an eye out for them.
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Hey KBits Team,

I hope everyone is doing well. The power point slides that are shown in the videos, are they only provided to KBLearn subscribers and up? I’m a KB Basic subscriber for now so I’m assuming it won’t be available to me.