Register AP with WLC

How can I register AP with a WLC running in EVE-NG in the cloud. I don’t have physical access to EVE-NG machine but have an AP at home. I see all the articles where one can register AP with WLC in EVE/GNS3 if one has physical access to host running EVE-NG and the host has a spare Ethernet card.

From WLC I can reach my home using NAT but how do I enable the AP to reach the WLC in EVE-NG. Cloud in EVE-NG is probably doing PAT.

You will need to create a Bridge network in EVE-NG. Please see eve documentation to see how.
Following YouTube video can also help you out.

EVE-NG has good support so you could also ask there but they well most likely refer you to the cookbook.

When running in the cloud you will need a public ip that is reachable and will need do do port forwarding the WLC for CAPWAP.
It is decently possible but not easy to explain via forum. You will have to search a bit yourself but you wil need to forward the capwap traffic to the wlc.

Thank you for your interest and time.

AP is at my home and connected to my home router which is doing PAT for devices behind my home router. I can add port forwarding on my home router to direct the traffic on a certain destination port to my AP.

The issue is the WLC. The WLC is running in EVE-NG. The EVE-NG host is also behind some router which is doing NAT for EVE-NG host. I don’t have access to that router. The only way I can make it work if I define the IP address of my AP in WLC and “have WLC reach my AP” instead of AP reaching back to WLC. Can WLC do it?