MPLS LDP Setup Through ASA Transparent Mode

This is Debug from R1:

This is ACL shown in ASA

R2 - R3 MPLS LDP Neighbor relationship


R1 MPLS LDP Neighbor


IT CAN BE an issue from EVE-NG Simulator?

NOTE: I did the configuration for the BGP relationship which uses TCP port 79 and it works fine because it does not need to create ACL in the Outside interface.

After Review the last class.

I have to allow MPS LDP for the control plane to be setup From the Outside Interface.
let me test it today and post it here the result

I have resolved the issue by allow MPLS LDP which use TCP/UDP Port 646 from Outside interface

Access-list 102 permit tcp host any eq 646
Access-list 102 permit udp host any eq 646

MPLS Control Plane established

MPLS Data Plane working by EtherType.