Interview Level3

Hi Guys,

I think I screwed up big time in my interview but I want to learn how we can set this up in EVE-NG or GNS3.


We can discuss more if anyone ready to help me out in learning this kind of setup.

What the scenario like?

Do they give a specific set of tasks to accomplish? I can see some technologies involve like HSRP, BGP, ASA Firewall, Switch, etc.

Two scenarios,
1- What will be the path from vPC8 to vPC9?
2- When R6 being reloaded it take about a minute for topology to converge when it come back, what is the reason?

Was this interview for an entry level job or an internship? Was it for EI or SEC?

This was for Level3, as far as I knew they were looking for some one who has experience and knowledge of EI