EVE-NG Install & Using

We’d like discuss the Installation and How to use Eve-NG

I’ve installed the Community Version of Eve-NG …
Is that Version Good for trying the Labs for the CCIE Security Module…
How do we Import a .unl file into the EVE-NG Community version… I don’t see any Import Option…

I have installed EVE-NG community Edition (Bare-Metal). I have it on a private IP but to enable access to it remotely I have put it behind NAT. Now I can access it but i can not establish console session to the devices. Anyone who knows what Im missing?

I tend to use the HTML 5 console when working remote, if not, you will need to forward all of the EVE telnet ports. Check the Cookbook for the exact range.

Thanks Matt, I got it to working. I had to forward the correct range like you said.

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Nice one buddy :slight_smile:

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Folks, where to get the Cisco iOL, ASAv images from…?

certcollection or Cisco Site. Or i can upload it on OneDrive and share the link.

Mansoor, I really appreciate your kind gesture… I’ll take a rain-check this time… I got the image from one of my co-workers.
It seems you’re located on the east coast, I’m in Calgary.

For future contact, below is my email:

Salman Naqvi

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or you can find link to image in youtube videos as well .

Hi Guys, I just tried to use the eve-ng lab 1, but i can’t figure out what image i need to use? i have tried to download some IOL version. Can anyone help me out what version i need?

Is it just my virl images i download or what do i do?



The version of image is not so important, just keep in mind, IOL and IOSv use different interface types - most labs are using IOL, so best to use IOL L2 or L3 image.

Follow this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqV5OgRixs0&list=PLIlpqyrKHrRPcRWKNSFo9qr2Oz307klT1.

Hey Mansoor,

I would appreciate if you could share the images with me. I used GNS3 and the old images but I would like to move away from it and use EVE-NG.

I will have the images upload and share it with you tomorrow.


Virl Images
Password: Kbits.live
Will Expire on 30th of November


You’re an angel thanks

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Hey Mansoor , would you please post the images again :slight_smile: ? thanks

Hey Mansoor,

Could you please upload the images and post the link again, appreciate it !!



Password: kbits.live

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