KB Lecture Ideas

Im not sure if this is something others would find beneficial or not, but i was thinking it would be very interesting to have a lecture (series?) basically designed to take the mystery out of how certain specific networks were designed. Not certification focused but instead sort of a high level " How its designed" For instance : from a high level How an ISP is designed - how they handle addressing, load balancing ,maybe even touch on some proprietary mechanisms ,scripts they might implement. How they seperate internal; network from back bone pathing - also how on such a large scale they handle device management ( again simply the concepts) I know some of these cert tracks go deep on the tech - but for students say focusing on security or collaboration , might honestly still be somewhat in the dark about what exactly is happening across the backbone of an ISP conceptually speaking. I know i have some questions (gray areas) pertaining to cellular providers, massive companies like Amazon AWS etc. I know this is way outside the scope of what KBITS is focused on , but from an engineer perspective - having an Engineer - to - engineer based lecture covering some of these in and outs would certainly be interesting. Maybe even broaden horizons of MPLS, BGP concepts for those who have only labbed these things up using a few devices. Sometime you don’t know what you don’t know , until someone tells you. Conversely you might know more then you think - but your never quite sure until someone spells it out. Maybe KB could even have a lecture series entitles “How i would build it!” — Just a thought! , thanks for everyone’s hard work !

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