ISE Bootcamp starting soon

Hello all,

A new ISE Bootcamp is going to take place from November 30th till December 4th. KB will be conducting a free webinar regarding the bootcamp on November 21st.

All details are now up on the site. Please go ahead and purchase/register for the course on the course page linked below:

All KBITS community member get the Bootcamp at a discounted price!

You can sign-up for the free webinar here:


Hi There,

Good News regards ISE Bootcamp,
I would like to know the general topics which will be covered.

and if MDM and BYOD topics will be included or not in ISE Bootcamp

Hi, we will be updating this thread with full schedule shortly. In addition, KB will be carrying out a Webinar on November 21st to provide all the details.

Curious on the ISE bootcamp, any updates? :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,

We are in the final stages of planning the Bootcamp. We will be posting all the information shortly!


What’s the price for the ISE Bootcamp and the course outline.

Alrighty, great. :sunglasses:

Hi Matt,

I have now updated the main post to include the correct sing-up and course description links.

Awesome, thank @Silver_Surfer :slight_smile:

@Sliver_Surfer .
Thank you for your post.

I read a lot regards BYOD/MDM from Cisco Books which is not clear actually.

is there any chance to add these features to ISE Bootcamp Course ? are these Topics (BYOD, MDM) demand in the market?

I did the official Cisco SISE 3.0 course, and BYOD was not even clear on there :sweat_smile:

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Hi Abdulfattah,

We will be covering BYOD in good amount of detail. I will give you an overview of MDM integration with ISE in the class. We won’t be implementing the labs though for MDM.

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Will this course go in to more ISE detail than our CCIE Sec ISE section?

Hi Matt,

Yes the Bootcamp will cover ISE in much more detail than the CCIE Security class. I would encourage you to attend the free webinar to gain more clarity.

I’m registered already with the security BOOT camp , however Khawar mentioned that more details will be explored in this ISE boot camp , now as member registered in previous class will i get a discount ? and what is the duration of this boot-camp along with the timings ?


Please use the links provided above to check the topics that will be covered, the timming and duration as well as the discount you will receive.


is there a link for the first class for this boot camp

Thanks you for the link.

When will the Free Webinar be available, missed it yesterday.