CCIE EI + SP/CCDE 15 Nov 2020 Class Cancelled

Hello all, due to a power failure the CCIE EI + SP/CCDE 15 Nov 2020 Class has been cancelled. KB sends his apologies and he will resume the class next weekend.

@Silver_Surfer - Please update on todays session Nov 22 CCIE EI+SP /CCDE , do we have today’s session, I don’t see the link to join. Any update please share ! ?

The live link will be up in 5 mins

Thank you. Appreciate

Apologies this was a mixup on my part.

No worries. I understand. I would appreciate if we can have some kind of notification system, so we are on the same page.

HI All,
@kbits Is the class happening today?

Hey Silver_Surfer, I see the live link but when I click on it is says “Just a While Longer the live class will start in 7 days”


Am fixing this. should be up soon.

thank you for your update

I’m in the live class now thanks

Thank you Adrienne and I apologise once again for the delay.

Not at my end ! issue persists. Any new link I have to join ?

I just refreshed my tab and clicked the live class again and got in

Hi Manjinder, please refresh your browser. The links are now working and you should be able to access the class.

There was an issue with the live link that has now been fixed. You should be able to access the class now. The class has just started. We apologise for the delay.

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Hi Kbits, still not seeing the link to join the live class

Hi, please refresh your browser and you should be able to access the links and join.

Worked on Mozilla Firefox. On Chrome isnt working !!!

I have logged out and logged into the portal, still getting the live class is over: