Detailed info about the images used in every lab

Hello, I’m just wondering if you guys can add a detailed info about the device images used in every lab? Much better if it’s embedded in the workbook so just in case if I decide to recreate a lab or at at least use the downloaded unl file (eve-ng), I know that it matches the images used in a particular lab compared to the images that is already in my eve-ng server. Hoping for your kind consideration.



Hi G,

Give me a week and will try to get you that. Any specific section that you are looking for immediately?



Thanks for your response. I’m currently doing the labs for CCIE Security but might be using different versions of images so I have to recreate the lab which is fine but it will be more convenient for learners like us to just download the eve-ng file and start the lab. I think without the matching images, eve-ng files will not work. Not on a rush right now but I will appreciate it if you could provide those info’s within the next weeks. Once I get those info’s I’m just going to use my google fu technique to collect the images. I know how busy you guys are. I am hoping you could also do that for the other CCIE courses. Thanks a lot.

has this info being shared already?

All the CCIE tracks offer an equipment list. Here is the CCIE Security one.

I think we are not looking in what would be in the actual lab, but what is being used by KB in his class. Thanks