EVE Images and how to use

Hi, Could Anyone please point me where to get EVE images. Just started with OSPF and wanted to do lab on EVE file given there.

Is there video tutorial for EVE uses and all. Please help


The best place to find out about Eve-NG is their website. (https://www.eve-ng.net). It has a great section on “How To’s” under the Documentation menu and also has a step-by-step cookbook on the installation procedure and uploading of the images for the devices.

They also have a great Live HelpDesk. If there is anything that you need help with in terms of the labs, please let us know, we will definitely help.

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Thanks you but I have installed EV but looking for cisco router images for practicing them. Could you please help me on this.

You must buy the Cisco CML2 so you can have access to the latest official vm-images
You can check in their webiste (Cisco Modeling Labs - Personal)
After the purchase you can import this images to EVE-NG