CCIE Enterprise August 2020 - Live Class Discussions

@user-66645e6c-5f05-4ce7-a246-081d4febe91e I bought a dry erase calendar and track my hours every week like it’s a job. At the start of each month I pick 4 topics from the blueprint I want to focus on, one for each week and block them out on the calendar. Then I set how many hours to study every week as a goal and write it down. Everyday I note the actual hours I studied and at the end of the week calculate the total and compare it to my goal. When I hit it I feel like a boss but when I don’t I feel bad and cut distractions the following week so I don’t fail again. If I need more time for a topic I schedule it for another week and rinse and repeat until I feel I’ve got it down. Hope this helps.

can anyone tell me when the next batch will start?
as well as the weekend timings
Thank you


The new batch launches on March 7th. We will be sharing all details next Monday.