CCIE Enterprise August 2020 - Live Class Discussions

Hey Guys,

Feel free to post over here regarding the class.

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Good to be here. Lets gets started.

Hello Everyone. this class is awesome! :slight_smile:

test message ; just to check if connectivity and login ok

@KB-KBITS … got it

wow username is like uuid.


really good initiative :slight_smile:

Hey Folks… Happy Learning…

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Hello guys!

Hope you have a great Sunday!

We’re in Business! Let’s get it done!

Hi all,

Great course and class, lets get started.

good to be here, thank you

Thanks sir, this is great!

Testing with name i changed it in settings

Testing 1 2 3. check one check one. Sibilance sibilance.

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Excited to be here…
Thanks for the initiative.

great, its working for me

Test. test. It works!