Unable to SFTP to vEdge via WinSCP

When attempting to connect to vEdge via WinSCP, I receive the following error message.
Cannot initialize SFTP protocol. Is the host running an SFTP server?

Able to ping device and ssh to port 22 from CA server.
I have wiped and reconfigured.
I have reconfigured admin/admin account and password.
Have tried different vEdge devices in lab.
vEdge is version 18.4.5.

Hi Tom,

If you are using the vEdge, you need to allow sshd under the VPN 0 Interface.

vpn 0
interface ge0/0
allow-service sshd

If you are using the cEdge (CSR) or any other Cisco SD-WAN Edge, use the allow-service all. Use TFTP to upload the Root Certificate File. I am assuming that you are trying to upload the Root Certificate to the WAN Edges using WinSCP.