OSPF Resources Missing

Hi Support,

I found topology diagrams missing for OSPF as well as a workbook for entire topics
It will be really great if you guys upload workbooks and topology diagrams…


Hi there,

Welcome to the forums!

We are currently in the process of uploading the resources. They should be up by EOD today.



Any updates on this, please? There are no workbook and topology diagrams as of yet.


Hi Stephen,

We have uploaded the Eve files. We will be adding the workbooks and images next but unfortunately that will take some time. Its on our next phase of updates (which run through Q1, 2021) for the platform.

Is there supposed to be a PDF wordbook in resources for the OSPF course?


Welcome to the forums.

Yes there is supposed to be a workbook attached with the videos but its not finished yet, KB is still working on it. Our goal is to get this uploaded before the end of Feb.
We thank you for your patience.

thank you for confirmation