Gap in the amount of FTD Labs


I’m a bit behind schedule for the current CCIE Security Class, I have watched the “Day 6 - EIGRP, Transparent Firewall, Adv Policies” and are about to watch the “Day 7 - HA - Multi-Instance - Packet Flow” Video too, but to my suprise there are no labs in the workbook for a lot of topics that I would otherwise belive were important for FTD.
Amongst these are

  • HA A/S
  • Transparent FTD
  • Security Intelligence
  • DNS Policy
  • Identity Policy
  • Alerting
  • Correlation/Remediation Policies
  • SSL Policies
  • Anyconnect

It feels like there is a large gap in the FTD section compared to ASA, can we expect the workbook to retrieve an update or?

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The Day 7 Video covers the HA - A/S, the Transparent FTD was covered and demonstrated in Day 6. AnyConnect will be covered in the VPN section. Given the limited time in the classes, I don’t get a chance to cover everything in the class. Haven’t said that, I will add the other labs to the Workbook. I will have a new revision by end of next month.



Looking forward to it. Would it be too much trouble to ask to perhaps let us know via the this thread (since we can watch it) or perhaps during the sessions when this update has been completed?

Thank you.

Thanks, like markmilo1115 mentions it would be awesome with a notification when the workbook is updated.
The topics covered during the sessions are great, but it doesn’t stick if we have no labs to put in in the hands too.

Good to hear Khawar, I’m looking forward to that update.