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NSSA and Default Routing Costs:

I’ve been working through the INE workbook studying OSPF where a lab challenge asked to do the following:

“Configure OSPF area 3 so that R5 filters external routes out as they are sent from
area 0 to area 3.
Routers in area 3 should still be allowed to redistribute into OSPF.
Configure R5 to advertise a default route into area 3 with a cost of 500.”

My answer to achieve this was:
router ospf 1
area 3 nssa default-information-originate metric 500

Upon inspecting my NSSA routers I could see that they had received a metric of 500. However, the INE provided the answer as:
router ospf 1
area 3 nssa default-information-originate
area 3 default-cost 500

Both appear to have the same result in my limited testin and research. Are there any significant differences between these two ways of getting the solution in terms of overall OSPF function?

I think this is a case of multiple ways to achieve the same result.