Cisco DNA on ESXi

Apparently it’s possible guys, this post just popped up in my Social Media.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Nice post bro. Let me try on my home sever

You might want to save the video - apparently, the last time someone posted such things, Cisco took it down quickly :+1:t2:

as i discussed with some guy working in Cisco , they don’t care as much for such publishing . and its still needs a bunch of resources .

i didn’t watch the whole video but i’m curious how you will gets hands on if you don’t have cisco smart account and entitlement to do so

Yeah, it’s a good question. The other question is, can you actually add any devices? I’m sure Cisco were smart enough to add some form of Secure Enclave to the DNA HW for self-signed Cert generation etc. I would guess it’s not without it’s problems, but it’s nice for people without a DNA Appliance to be able to have a play :slight_smile:

Encouraging news guys. Someone from Cisco reached out to me (unofficially). They stated that Cisco is not against releasing a cut down VM version of DNA, both for POCs, and for study. If the demand is there (which there is), they will do it - no time frames though, and no doubt lots of internal obstacles to overcome :slight_smile: