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Cybersecurity is one of the most critical fields in the IT industry, with a constantly growing need for security professionals. These weekend Live Classes conducted by Khawar Butt will give you the knowledge and skills to master the technologies detailed in the CCIE Security curriculum. All Security Technologies will be taught from scratch.

Classes run from 3rd of October - 2100 Dubai Time / 1700 UTC

The detailed online LIVE classes will last 4-5 hours each

The CCIE Security workbook includes 100+ labs

Attend the first class for free by signing up here.


CCIE Security v6 First Class now available to viewed freely at this link

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Can We have a Slack Channel for the CCIE Security Class students?

How do you get the workbook with the 100+ labs?

The labs are uploaded on the resources section after each class so its not uploaded in advance.

Currently you can download all the labs from the first two calls from the resources section.

Yes. Its right there hiding in plain sight, I did not see it…

thank you for your help.

The class for 14 Nov was suppose to start at 8:00PM Dubai time…

its already 8:08 and no sign as yet…!!

I just wanted to bring one important point to your attention, today around 11:27 PM Dubai Time, and 12:27 Calgary time, something went wrong on my browser, I’d to reload the page…
Bottomline, I was not able to reconnect, I was expecting the link to get into the class would be still there on your portal, but it wasn’t there. I sent couple of emails to the support team. I didn’t hear anything back from them. I’d appreciate, if you can share the Zoom Meeting ID for these classes, or keep the link alive on your portal during the class, to avoid such mishaps.
Salman Naqvi

@superuser - can someone please correct our Day 5 video, it’s wrong, KB was going to tell someone to correct it for us. Thank you.

Hi Salman,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will look into this and get back to you.

Hi Matt,

Thank you for pointing out the error. We have now uploaded the correct video.


Thank you @Silver_Surfer