All resources missing from CCIE Security Class

A few days ago I logged onto the platform to download some class notes from the CCIE security track and noticed all resources from all classes were missing from the website. I tried multiple web browsers and different devices and they were all still missing.

Spoke with some friends of mine who had taken the class previously and one that was currently taking the class and found out that KB had removed it and said “he thinks it had been taken out of the exam.” I currently have no further clarification other than KB removed it and none of us know when it will be reuploaded, if ever.

I received no forewarning of this otherwise I would have downloaded all the notes and images prior so my studies wouldn’t be disrupted.

Of course, I emailed support but they have recently been severely slow to respond. It usually takes me emailing them multiple times and even then on average they take at minimum multiple business days to respond and on average a week or two. When I do email them with multiple questions they never bother to read the entire question. They glaze over it and answer one question at a time. So then I have to create multiple tickets just to answer basic questions that could have been resolved if they actually took the time to address my concerns.

I’m frustrated by the lack of communication and feel like as a student I’m being treated as another number to add to the subscriber count instead of being mentored and taught. I had asked support for a meeting with KB to go over my recent CCIE attempt and again got brushed aside again by support: “Khawar is travelling this week to teach a class so it might be a bit difficult to book time with him but we will reach out to him and ask him to contact you”. This was March 11. A month later, Kwawar never reached out… never followed up with me to ask how my studies are going, even after he promised in the live class that we could reach out to him for a review it seems this was an empty gesture.

Resources are back up PSA


There was an issue with our site provider which lead to this issue for roughly 24 hour period. This was fixed and all resources should be back up now.


To add to the missing content, the CCIE security day 11 Video from this saturday 19th april, is still not available. It hard to follow the class if the content is not available in due time. A day or two before the next class is not a great situation. Please make sure the videos is available in the beginning og the week. This is the secound time it happens during this class.

Did you read the whole post or just the title?

My response was specific to the resources being down. Regarding your request to setup time with Khawar we forward the requests to him but we do not control his schedule and outreach.