Refund policy on kBITS

Hi there,

What is the refund policy?

I find it unacceptable to not have audios synced with video, jundging by the fact that we are paying hundreds of dollars.

Please answer me or I’m gonna open a dispute with my Bank.

That’s not good for the reputation of site so it’s gonna be last step.

Hello, our refund policy is a full refund within 14 days and pro-rated refund after that period.
We have already replied to your question via support but your email is not functional and its bouncing our replies.
There is no need to open a dispute against us, we would gladly refund your payment if you are not satisfied with the offering. Once again, if you would please check you email and ensure that it is functional we would be able to communicate with you effectively and assist you with the refund.
Regarding audio and video not being synced, yes that is definitely a problem and we are working on getting these videos fixed before the end of the month.

Hi @Silver_Surfer

Thank you for your response. For the first issue, I have an e-mail from this topic stating that you have responded to me but indeed no other e-mail. Check attachments, you are not blacklisted nor spam and your emails are in Inbox. Check attachments.

As for the second matter, I will gladly come back after this issue is resolved.

Please, try to e-mail me again so I can get a full refund.


I will send you a direct message with a screen capture showing the failure to deliver email that we got from your id since I don’t want to post your email on a semi-public forum.

In addition, I would like to make a humble request. Please give us time till Easter to fix the audio and video issues. If after Easter, you are still not happy with the content, I would be happy to refund your entire purchase amount to you.

Also I tried emailing you again and I got the delivery failure notice again.

As requested, I have now cancelled your account and issued you a refund.