Unable to watch videos


I’m unable to watch videos this night.

Can you please help


I am experiencing the same issue with playing videos too.

Same here, probably they are updating the site. (or issue?)
So let`s wait for an update.

maybe it is related to recent aws service downs

Any updates on this please. I still can’t watch any videos.

Hello all. Below is a note that we sent out this morning related to this issue. We are working on getting it resolved ASAP.

Dear Subscribers,

We noticed about 12 hours ago that videos on KBITS.LIVE stopped playing. We have reached out to our video service provider and are working with them to get this issue resolved ASAP.
We humbly request your patience as we get this issue resolved. We are in contact with our video service provider and expect this issue to be resolved within the next 12 hours.

We will inform you as soon as this is resolved.

Thank you,
Khawar Butt

This issue has now been resolved and our videos are working again. Thank you all for your patience with us while we were working on getting the issue resolved.


I have the same I cannot watch the videos. Can you please help.


Following up on your post, has this been resolved for you?

i have the issue now , it seems the video tab not active.


The reason why you are not being able to watch videos is because your subscription expired on Nov 28 last year.
There are currently no issues in video playback on the site.



Can you please help take a look at mine as well, I am having the same issue but I have an active subsciption, thanks/


Hi Chris,

There are no current disruptions in the service. During purchase of a new subscriptions sometimes it does take a couple of hours for the system to update. Please do let me know if you face any issues.

Good Day

I purchased the CCIE Super Lab last week but Im still unable to watch the recording or view any resources. The “Videos” section is completely blank.


There was an issue on our backend. We have now resolved this issue and all Super Lab students should have access now.