Lab 4 - SDWAN - Unable to install vManage certificate

I’m receiving this error message on SDWAN Lab 4 section vManage certificate

How to go around this?

Thank you

Its fixed.
All success

@BKSD what was the issue could you please explain it?

@Anas-Ashraf I was following what Khawar did on the video (copy and paste the certificate) but for some reason I received the above message. So I started to click on upload certificate instead.
I received success.

@kbits @KB-KBITS @Matt Please I have question if you can help

Can I click on Generate certificate under Configuration–> Controllers for vSmart and vBond instead of View Certificate?
because khawar said on the video that when you just creat vBond and vSmartr, you dont have to click on Generate, instead click on view. but I had issue and wasted time troubleshooting means they will be created not on the time of issue the certificate.

from the screenshot, you can tell its wrong since the Hostname and Site-ID are not showing.

How to fix this ?
how to delete vSmart/ vBond and redo it again from the Controller section?

Please let me know

Thank you for your help

Looks like the certificate was installed as the Serial number is showing. It does take sometime for it to show the hostname and Site-ID.

Generating the certificate using generate certificate option is absolutely fine.

You can decommission and device and re-add it. Check the date and time on the Server to make sure it hasn’t changed.


Thank you so much for the clarification.

@KB-KBITS How long should I wait to get vBond and vSmart popped up on Dashboard. I’s been up already for long time.

here are some screenshot it may help you understand if everything is normal.

When I click on send to vBond I see the following

I don’t see vSmart. – is it normal?

I didn’t want to do vEdge until I can see the other two controller on vManage dashboard
Is everything look normal to you?

Thanks again for your help.

Does the Dashboard show the controllers up?

If they are, move forward to the vEdges and try to register.

Here is the Dashboard

Ok I will move forward to vEdges and register.
Thanks you so much for your quick response, really appreciate it.