How do you convert a Lab back to its original preconfigured state?

How does one take a lab they were working on and convert it back to its original state? For example in SD-WAN - Cat8Kv - All Controllers -WAN Edges Initialized and Onboarded.unl certain Edge nodes are broken. Wiping nodes and trying to load from startup config seems to break everything. (including the underlay). Instead of rebuilding everything from scratch is there a way to restart the lab in its original state? Also if a lab gets deleted in EVE is there a way to recover or reimport the lab that was preconfigured? (this is regarding the KCLOUD Labs / EVE)

I’m honestly starting to get frustrated with the lack of support / response from “kbits support”.
I ended up just re-importing the EVE-NG SD-Wan File from the SD-WAN course and started from scratch in KCLOUD. The problem now is the .viptela / WAN edge device list is gone and not on the Windows CA server. How do we go about getting the file again for KCLOUD? Is there another way to contact support other then the chat button? Having a tough time finding contact information and the forums / chat hasn’t been responded to in quite some time. Khawar’s videos and teaching is great but paying for KCLOUD is very lack luster/frustrating when you cant get any support/responses for simple fixes.