CCIE Security Workbook solution

Hi Team,

I am looking for CCIE Security Workbook solution video but couldn’t find. Can you please help me where do ii find that?

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We do not provide videos (or pdfs) with solutions of the workbooks. Students are expected to watch the videos where KB demonstrates examples from the workbooks or similar problems and then students are expected to solve the workbooks on their own. If you have specific questions regarding a particularly difficult problem/concept feel free to post here and KB and/or the KBITS community will be happy to help.


Hi Silver_Surfer,
Thanks for replying. I understood that but I am being Specific to CCIE Workbook as per Khawar’s tweet, he said it’s available for download. and if you look at workbook, it says solution is available in Video (Solution Video). Can you please confirm?


I think what KB means by solution video is class lecture videos that you have to watch along with solving the workbook. As far as I know there is no separate solution video. I will ask KB to reply to your post here.


The Solutions are the video files in the CCIE Security Classes. Look for the topic and demonstration in the CCIE Security classes. You will not only find the solution but also an explanation for the topic.

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I’m going through the ISE section in the CCIE Security work book and I’m unable to find any content related to tasks on profiling, posture validation and trustsec in ccie security bootcamp videos. Could you please let me know where I can find those?