CCIE EI Study Group

Hi Guys

Is anyone interested in CCIE EI Study Group?
My Timezone is GMT+2

I’m interested, GMT-3 here.

Hello guys yes i’m interested as well.

yes interested, discord would probably be the best place to host one


I have created a telegram channel group. Pls use the below link

I made a discord

we have already telegram.what is the need for another one forum? Pls join to telegram,

The telegram seems to be a channel and not a group. Only the channel admin can post in there, which isn’t conducive to a group study. Telegram is fine for messaging, but doesnt have rich features like broadcasts or easy access voice and break out rooms. Im fine using telegram, but please make it so that everybody can post (i.e. a group and not a channel)

Hi. Apologize i didnt noticed that. Pls check now. I have enabled the chat forum.

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