C9500 Mgmt VRF subnet to ping subnet not in VRF

I have an existing network where the core are a pair of 6880s. We are replacing them with a pair of C9500s. The existing cores have a separate subnet for switch management. They have a SVI with HSRP configured, and they have a subnet for mgmt0. I know what I was thinking will not work but I wanted to get a consensus view.
If I configure the C9500s with just the Mgmt-vrf on Gig0, configure HSRP under Gig0. This will not work when I ping the other switches because the other switches are not in a VRF although they’re in the same subnet. Correct?

I know this may be confusing. Let’s just say I have subnet 10.x.x.x/24 in a vrf on one device and on a second device I don’t have a VRF but I configured a vlan with an IP in the same subnet as the VRF. They should not be able to ping each other correct?