CCNA Videos are out of phase (audio with video)

Hello all,

I am trying to start by checking the CCNA content but I see that the audio and video are out of phase.

Does anyone has the same issue with them?

Yes I emailed support. they are working on it. I was surprised no one complained about it.


These issues have been reported to us previously, we are a small team so it is taking us a bit longer to address them than we would like to but be rest assured that we are working on fixing them ASAP.


Still this issue not resolved even after 3 months , can someone from Admin give us any timeline or it will remain the same till subscription expires


We are currently in the process of replacing the CCNA videos. These will all be replaced by the end of next week.

Apologies once again for the delays.

Hello Team,

Are vedios replaced by new one , which does not have sync issue???

We are right in the middle of the process, we have uploaded all the videos on our backend and are in the process of populating them on the front end. As promised this will be done before the end of the week.

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We have now replaced all the CCNA videos with videos that do not have any audio-video sync issues.

We appreciate your patience with us and thank you for your feedback and support.

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