Subscription plans


Our aim is to add all the resources (workbooks, eve-ng files, notes and topologies) for all videos. However, as a bootstrapped small business we are resourced constrained at the moment and it will take us a month or two more to upload all the resources. If there is a video that you can see then you will have access to its corresponding resources.


Just making sure we are on the same page. So i should be able to view the power point notes as well and if not then it will be uploaded soon? Reason why i am asking is because i only have access to the lab book (VPNs) but not the notes that KB is showing in the videos.

Yes that is correct but it will take us another month or two to get the resources up.

Hi all,

Still a bit confused with the subscriptions.

can you haeelp me clarifing this:

Does the plus subscription give me free access reccordings and resources (labs, notes, etcc) to the CCIE EI and SD Wan for example? Or I need to buy also the course to have access to it?

I ask this because the time that the course is done is not pratical to me.

I subscribed to the free 30 days but I cannot see the previous bootcamp here.

This free subscription is based in whitch subscription?


Dear Paulo,

Yes you are correct, the Plus subscription gives you access to recordings of all Live Classes and Bootcamps and all the resources that come with them. The only thing that you don’t get vs a live class is the lab hours if they are included in the price of the class. You will have to purchase the lab hours separately.
The trial subscription you have is KB Learn, which has really been setup as an introduction to CCIE. Our expectation is for students to attend the Live classes or learn via recordings of the live classes in order to prepare for and pass the CCIE exams.
Please feel free to send an email to if you have any further questions.


Hi Silver_Surfer,

Thank you for your answer. As explained the time at whitch the classes are done is not possible for me (4:00am here) so I have to trust the recordings for that.

When you say that we lose thee lab hours that means that we do not have the labs workbook with the corrections or that is also available?


Hi Paulo,

As a KB Plus subscriber you will have access to all course resources which INCLUDES lab workbooks, class notes, topology diagrams and EVE-NG files.

Regarding the lab practice hours, let me explain with an example.
When you purchase a CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Live Class you get 40 hours of SD-WAN lab practice time and 20 hours of SDA lab practice time (we offer both virtual and physical labs on the platform). KB Full Access members also automatically get these lab practice hours as part of their subscription. KB Plus members do NOT automatically get these lab hours and need to purchase them separately.
I hope this helps.

Again please feel free to ask any follow-up questions that you may have.

Hi Silver_Surfer,

Thank you for the explanation. One last think. The classes that are being teach now how long do the recordings to be available?


The class recordings are meant to be on the platform for as long as the content in the class is relevant and part of the CCIE curriculum. I want to say forever but forever is very long time :laughing:
Jokes aside, I think your question was more regarding how long will you have access to the recordings of the classes. The answer to that question is you will have access to them for the duration of your subscription, which is one year.

The question was after the session being done how many time to the recording be available for us on the site.

For example the class was yesterday the recording will be available today?


Apologies, I misunderstood your question. The recordings are typically up within 24 hours of the class taking place and no later than 48 hours.

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