SDWAN reference from a bank or credit union

Hello, Is there anyone here that works for a bank or credit union that is using Cisco SD-WAN and would be willing to provide a reference for it? We have been trying to get a reference directly from Cisco for the last 6-8 weeks with no luck.


Hi Tom,

Can you please clarify what you mean by the term reference? What exactly is the outcome you are trying to achieve.
I ask because @KB-KBITS has clients who have deployed SD-WAN and might be able to help here.


P.S. Feel free to shoot me an email on in case you don’t want to share more information here on the forum.

Cisco finally provided us with a name of a bank yesterday that we are going to setup a reference call with. For background my employer is looking to purchase Cisco SD-WAN but part of our requirements from senior management to make the purchase is to get references from peers in the credit union space (probably from the US). Typically this is so leadership they can hear someone else say the product is good or bad, what issues they have had with it, what is good about it, etc.

Good to hear!

Btw if you need external input for the SD-WAN setup or SD-WAN training for your engineers we do provide both at rates that are meaningfully lower than CISCO’s. In fact, Khawar recently did a couple of SD-WAN training sessions for the world’s largest outsourcing firm.