FTD - URL Filtering

FirePower has Feature Called URL Filtering.

There are two types -
1- Manual: - Create URL Manually by using object
- Does NOT Require License

2- Catagory - it will be built in Firepower Database and create URL Catagory for
multiple URLs that have the same characteristics such as Social media.

                   - Require license 

How URL Filtering based on Catagory Works?

What happens if FTD did not receive the URL category within a specific time?

it will keep sending the request which affects the Firepower Resource /


as per Cisco Recommendation - Retry URL Cache miss Lookup is required to be disabled.

Meaning: the Firepower will accept/allow the uncategorized URL in the initial request. then later once it receives the update from CSI, it will re-categorized the URL and enforce the policy


Result :

after I fix the connection of FMC to go to the cloud via FTD - I will talk about this case in a separate Post. I found the FMC can categorize Facebook as social Media.

  • FP logs show that Facebook is BLOCKED.