CCIE Enterprise and (SP and CCDE)

I just recieved an email for the start of the new CCIE ENT. on Sept 26 at 12pm EST which I plan to sign up and join the session but also I was interested in CCIE SP but I also got an email for this class and it’s starting at the same date and time as CCIE ENT. How can I attend both classes if they are starting at the same time 12pm EST and on the same date Sept 26 ? I wanted to know if it was some error or these dates and times are correct ?

The times are correct. Khawar explained in the first session that the two courses are running together for several sessions since the material overlaps. Check out the Day 0 recording that’s been posted for the CCIE ENT class so far.

This reply came in a little too late. Anyway I have another question for you. My current subscription ends this month if I sign up for the ccie course will it extend my current subscription?

I’m not the right one to answer this question. I’m not sure how it works. From what I understand, the site subscription and course subscriptions are different things. However, you get a discount on the live courses if you are a subscribed member. Quite significant actually.