My KB Plus subscription is up for renew in November. I want to keep it and looking for a great deal

My KB Plus subscription is up for renew in November. I want to keep it and looking for a great deal on this.

Would there be any great discount toward this Christmas/Thanksgiving I want to keep my subscription?

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We will be reaching out to you (and everyone whose subscription renews on Nov 2) with more information on renewals shortly.




@Silver_Surfer , does your plan includes KB Learn subscription that renews on Nov 2 as well. Please let me know as i would like to renew my plan but hoping there will be a discounted price.

Thank you

Yes! We want to show are appreciation for all of our KB Learn, KB Plus and KB Full Access early adopter members.

We will be sending out emails tomorrow with more information.


Hello @Silver_Surfer

Please send me details about discounted price for early adopter members, my subscription will renew on 2 November


We will reach out to today. But overall, we will be keeping the pricing the same for all of our early adopters and not increase any prices.


What will happen to early adopters who upgraded from KB Learn to KB Plus? How will they benefit from this? Will they get to renew at the KB Plus early adopters rate too?

Thinking of upgrading to PLUS, but don’t want to miss out of the discounted rates…


Emails with offer details to our early adopters have been sent out ;-). Please contact if you have any follow-up questions.


On subscription page it still showing as $1,400 for KB Plus. The price doesn’t reflect the email that I received and there is no option to remove the payment method to prevent charging.

The renewal happens automatically. You dont have to go in and purchase again. We have applied credit on the backend to your account to make sure that you renew at the offer price.


Thank you Khawar and the KBITS team for keeping us connected with the great renewal offer.

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HI KB Support,

Please process my request of formal Quote for renewal. Thanks !

Hi Kbits Team,

Is there any offer available for Kbits Plus, my renewal is due on 1st of Jan 2022. Please let me know.


Hi Mahir,

Yes we will be doing a New Year’s offer starting on the 1st. My recommendation would be to cancel your auto renewal and then purchase a new KB Plus subscription during the offer period.