FTD - Data Center Deployment

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This Topic will Cover FTD Deployment in Data Center.

As Per Customer Request, They Want to deploy FTD without Change the IP address of any Servers / Switches - So that Transparent Mode will be used. so FTD can be placed -

1- by Change Cable Connection physically: Connect Cables from Servers to FTD and DC Switch to FTD --> this solution is impossible because the number of Servers which they have

2- by Change VLANS ( Logically) -> in Simple- Connect FTD to Switch whether ( Single interface OR Port-Channel ) - Single ONE will be Used here because PORT Channel is NOT supported in vFTD.

From Cisco Live Doc - I like this PIC

Cisco LIVE Solution Steps

enough Talking - let’s get started via LAB


  • This Diagram Shows the details of what gonna do with Voice Servers

I have to configure SUB-INTERFACE because we one single Physical

Now create BVI

Then we can control the traffic between VLANS via ACP

FROM SWITCH SIDE :slight_smile:
Configure Trunk to FTD
Configure Access Ports to Servers.

then do a ping test from Server to Switch – it will work.

My Next Post and main Question; Can DIFFERENT Bridge Groups Communicate with each other -
The answer will be in the next post.